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Bharat Sevak Samaj is a mission and a movement. To succeed as such, it must win the adherence and support of a large and growing number of people in the country, that can come about only on the strength of a genuine understanding of the purpose and significance of the new organisation. To furnish an answer to the question: "Why Bharat Sevak Samaj"?, it shall restate the major assumption underlying the conception of the Samaj.

First there is a great deal of necessary, good and useful work remain to be done in the country, for which no provision may be made, in the normal course, for many years. To accomplish this, special effort on a very large scale is needed, which is not yet in evidence. Secondly, the means for carrying out such a programme on a large scale are available in the shape of the unused time, energy and other resources, accompanied by the desire or urge on the part of many people to give for the service of the community. Thirdly, in view of the variety and magnitude of the activity, an organisation has to be build up, which has to be big and strong enough to cope with these great tasks. It should be capable of mobilizing the voluntary efforts of the people and make effective and fruitful use of it. Such organisation does not exist.

In a community which has attained such a state These basic assumptions explain the origin of the Bharat Sevak Samaj. They are as true and meaningful today as some years ago, when the first decision to establish the organisation was taken. The meaning may perhaps, with advantage, be brought out a little more fully.

In a community which has attained such a state of abundance that to everybody all the means of material well - being are available, voluntary service might not have a definite role. The view, however, does not take account of the vast range of intangible service which, even in these circumstances, people can render to one another in the realm of moral and spiritual satisfaction. But that time has not yet come any where in any part of the world and is not likely to arrive in this country for many years.


Bharath Sevak Samaj
BSS Bhavan, BB-11
Greater Kailash - 3
New Delhi - 110 048, India
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Phone : 0471-2433845
Email : cbssdelhi@gmail.com
Website : info@bharatsevaksamaj.org

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